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The Cautions of Tanning

How to Keep Hairdressing Equipment Safe from Contamination

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Hair salons have different pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment presents its own risks of spreading infections or contaminants in case adequate steps are not taken to clean and sterilise that equipment. This article discusses some suggestions that you can implement to keep different pieces of equipment in your new salon clean. Electric Haircutting Razors These can injure the skin of a client and spread infections or infestations (such as lice). Keep this equipment clean by disposing of the razor in a sharps container. Use a damp cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of water containing a detergent to wipe the handle of the equipment. An alcohol solution can also be used for the same purpose. Use a new electric haircutting razor for each customer you attend to. Shaving Brushes These can transmit infections in case a previous client upon whom they were used had lesions on his or her facial skin or if he or she had skin infections. Start by rinsing them in cold water so that all hair and creams are removed. Next, rinse them in hot water. Finally, use a clean cloth to dry them. Follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer of plastic shaving brushes. This is important because they may not be able to withstand the process described above. Hairpins and Hair Clips Wash them in a mixture of warm water and a detergent. Next, rinse them under a jet of hot water. Dry them thoroughly. Follow this cleaning procedure each time a pin or clip falls onto the ground. Dispose of any hairpin that pierces a customer or an employee. Electric Clippers These have the potential to spread skin infections or blood-borne germs. Start by removing all the hair from the machine. Next, get alcohol and wipe the blade with it. Wipe the rest of the machine with a damp cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of water and a detergent. Some electric clippers do not have detachable blades. In that case, avoid immersing those clippers in any solution because the blades will be damaged by the moisture. Use a disinfectant wipe or spray to clean such clippers. The cleaning procedures above should be used after using the equipment on a client. You should never use salon equipment on a client if you are not sure whether it was cleaned or disinfected. Many jurisdictions also have regulations governing how salon equipment should be cleaned. Follow those guidelines. When in doubt, consult salon equipment suppliers for help....

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A Guide To Different Types of Facials

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If you’re considering having your first facial, the options to choose from can be bewildering.  Here’s a brief guide to the different types of facials that are generally available to help you decide. Basic cleansing and toning A basic cleansing and toning facial is designed to exfoliate and moisturise your skin.  The beautician will gently steam your face and then remove any blackheads or whiteheads.  The next step involves a gentle exfoliation of your skin using a mild scrub.  This helps to remove any dead surface skin cells.  Your face is then massaged with a light oil to tone up the muscles. The facial will be finished off with the application of a creamy moisturising product to hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) facials AHA facials use natural acids derived from flowers and fruits.  The acids are incorporated into creams which help make the skin appear younger by tightening it.  The acids also stimulate capillary action which gives your skin a healthy glow.  AHA creams work best on those with badly pigmented skin or who are prone to wrinkles. The beautician will choose a cream to suit your skin type; for example, orange and lime is good for oily skin, whereas banana is better for dry skin. Acne facials This type of facial is extremely effective at clearing up acne.  After a mild cleansing treatment, the beautician will treat your skin using an enzyme or glycolic acid exfoliation.  A warm mist is applied to open up the pores.  Manual deep pore extractions are then carried out and a skin-relaxing, anti-bacterial masque is applied to tackle deep-seated bacteria.  This type of facial should be repeated every couple of weeks until the skin is completely clear. Aromatherapy facials This popular kind of facial treatment involves the use of essential oils.  Different types of oils have specific curative properties that can benefit the skin.  Some oils help to clear congestion of the pores whilst others can help to reduce wrinkles.  After the skin has been cleansed and treated with whichever oil the beautician recommends for you, a masque is applied.  This contains essential oils which are designed to eliminate toxins in the skin, stimulate cell regeneration and smooth out wrinkles. Gold facial Gold facials use creams that contain pure 24-carat gold.  Gold has powerful rejuvenating properties as well as stimulating lymphatic drainage which helps to eliminate toxins and speed up the growth of new skin cells.   In conclusion Your local beautician will explain to you in more detail the range of facial treatments they have available and will be able to recommend the most suitable facial for your skin type that will give you the results you’re looking...

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Personalizing Skin Care: DNA Testing for More Personalized and Effective Skin Care Products

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Your genetic predisposition makes your skin vulnerable and resistant to unique factors. If you’re unaware of what your skin needs and doesn’t need, you may be flushing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars down the drain on skin care products. In fact, American women spent approximately $27.638 billion on skin care in 2007 while men spent approximately $11.059 billion.  By deciphering your genes, physicians can determine what your skin really needs and create personalized skin care products targeting those needs. The Gene Variations Make a Difference Although different skin care companies test for different factors, the variations in your genetic disposition can tell physicians 5 specific factors: Collagen formation. Collagen is the primary protein responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of your skin. Without collagen, your skin will start to loosen and sag. Collagen is also responsible for stimulating skin regeneration and keeping your skin looking smooth and plump. With age, your skin produces less collagen, which needs to be replenished. Sun protection. This refers to your susceptibility to UV-induced free radical damage. This causes skin pigmentation, fine lines, dark spots and even poor skin texture. Antioxidant protection. Antioxidants in your skin slow down or prevent the effects of free radicals, which are responsible for oxidation. This is a process where free radical oxygen permanently damages skin cells. As a result, you want to make sure to replenish your supply of antioxidants regularly. Gylcation protection. Gylcation is a process that produces a molecule known as advanced gylcation end product (AGE) from the lipids, sugars and proteins from the collagen and elastin in your skin together. If your skin produces a lot of AGE, you will get heavy wrinkles and folds, sagging skin and even uneven skin texture prematurely. Inflammation control. For your skin to look its best and fight infections, bacteria and other pathogenic microbes, it must be capable of inciting inflammation. Although inflammation is an important process, it also needs to be controlled, so that the effects of inflammation, like redness or swelling, go away quickly. Based on your genes, you will be given a rating of high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk, and skin care products will be tailored to provide protection in high-risk areas. This ensures you won’t be spending loads of money on products that only cater to low-risk areas. These skin care products better predict how your skin will respond to various ingredients, serums and more. How the DNA Is Obtained The DNA is collected non-invasively through a cheek swab sample. It has been recommended for children as young as 12, who would like to start on perfecting their skin care routine. Depending on whether all 5 factors are being tested, the DNA sample may be sent to a lab, where the results may take up to two weeks to be completed, or can be even performed and completed in some stores in approximately 30 minutes. Check to make sure the labs handle all samples with utmost confidentiality, and that all samples are destroyed after they have been deciphered and tested. Some of these labs will even provide insight to your various other genetic dispositions. Conclusion Stop throwing money away buying expensive skin care products, like serums and moisturizers. Instead, spend your money where it is most needed by opting for skin care products personalized for...

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How Can Your Company Benefit from Having a Uniform?

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Some people think that uniforms are for schools, factories and the armed forces. However, any company can have a uniform, including companies that only operate in offices. This article discusses how your company can benefit from having its employees in uniform. Branding A uniform helps to promote your brand, especially if the uniform has a logo on it. As your employees go home or attend different social events in your uniform, the company gets effective advertising. This is because people begin associating your company with the colors, design and logo on the uniform. This can generate interest in your company and you may get more clients as a result. For instance, if an employee goes to attend his or her child’s sports day at school and that parent volunteers to serve drinks to the kids, other parents will get a positive impression and they will inquire about what that volunteer does at work. This inquiry can result in the other parents doing business with your company because of meeting your uniformed employee. Improved Safety Uniforms may also help to protect your employees from some risks that they face at the workplace. For instance, you may provide your employees with uniform overalls to protect them from chemical spills as they work in your laboratories. It is also very easy to identify people who are not employees since they won’t be wearing uniform. This can alert security to the intruder and he or she can be tasked to explain why they are there. Customers can also know who to approach for assistance since all they need to do is to find someone in uniform. This is particularly helpful in busy retail establishments like supermarkets. Creating a Sense of Unity Uniforms unconsciously bring workers closer together because they look at themselves as one. There is no pressure on workers to spend lots of money on fashionable brands of clothes to wear to work. Such pressures to dress fashionably can create competition among workers, resulting in a fragmented staff. Uniforms eliminate these pressures and the workers will bond into closer teams. The net result is that productivity will go up due to the camaraderie existing at the workplace. Your company has a lot to benefit when you introduce a uniform for all employees. The discussion above shares just a few of those benefits. Begin exploring ways to introduce a work uniform in your company and you will not regret taking that step. To learn more, contact a company like Hot Cotton with any questions or concerns you...

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Personalise Your Wedding Suit with 5 Fun Accessories, Accents & Ideas

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A wedding suit does not need to be boring. In fact, you can play with accessories, colours and fun styles to capture your unique personality and sense of style. There are a million wedding suits accents and accessories, and they go far beyond bow ties, vests and pocket kerchiefs. Here are some unique ideas you may want to consider: 1. Funky Belts and Chain Jewelry If you are more at home on a motorbike than in a suit, consider adding some biker-inspired elements to your suit. You can wear a thick belt with a wallet chain or a corsage with black flowers and a hint of armor. If being a biker isn’t your thing, you can look for these suit accessories in your particular style. For example, instead of a belt with a chain, wear a cowboy belt with a giant rodeo buckle. 2. Coloured Jacket Lining If you prefer to keep your personality a bit closer to your chest, don’t focus on the outside accessories. Instead, look for a suit jacket with a fun coloured jacket lining. You can choose almost any colour, many fabrics and multiple designs. Whether you like silk paisley or green velvet, you will love the effect. If you want to bring the colour to everyone’s attention, replace your traditionally coloured suit coat with a brightly coloured one. 3. Unique Boutonnieres If you want a traditional flower boutonniere, play with the colours, type of flowers and arrangements you like the best. However, corsages don’t have to be made of flowers. They can consist of fake silk flowers, or they can have elements such as playing cards, nautical themes, musical instruments or other decorations integrated into them. 4. Different Shoes Footwear can say a lot, and you don’t have to buy traditional dress shoes. If you love antiques, look for vintage men’s dress shoes. If you prefer something more contemporary and casual, roll up your trouser legs and tie the knot in flip-flops. 5. Wedding Suits from Other Cultures If you cannot find the accents or accessories you need to make your suit feel special, you may want to ditch the traditional suit and play with wedding suits from other cultures. For example, if you have Indian roots, you may feel more comfortable in a suit coat with a traditional Indian collar, a pair of loose trousers and a beautiful scarf. In contrast, if you are in tune with your Scottish roots, you may decide to wear a kilt. You have options—just get creative! Brainstorm with your future spouse and consult with resources like Britton’s Formal Wear to put together your wedding...

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Foods That Can Prevent Skin Wrinkles

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As you approach the age of 40, your skin tends to loose moisture, firmness and elasticity. This in turn leads to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. An anti-wrinkle injection is one way to get that youthful face back. However, even after you get the injection, there are several foods which contain vitamins A, C and E, as well as linoleic and niacin acid that will go a long way in protecting your skin from aging and hence forming wrinkles. Read on to find out some of the foods you can incorporate into your everyday diet. Red Pepper Research shows that red pepper has a vitamin C concentration of about 95 mg. Vitamin C is very useful in skin care because it is essential in making collagen. Collagen helps to keep the skin moist, resilient and firm. Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are high in linoleic acid and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and when combined with linoleic acid it works to protect your skin from damage from the sun. Incorporating sunflower seeds into your diet will help fight wrinkles. Sweet Potatoes Sweet potato can help prevent wrinkles because it contains vitamins A and C. Carotenoids are the type of vitamin A found in sweet potatoes. This vitamin prevents formation of wrinkles because it prevents collagen from breaking down. It is also a healthy breakfast choice that you can easily add to your diet. Dark Chocolate Eating or drinking dark chocolate helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays that cause ageing and wrinkling. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which have high levels of anti-oxidant flavanols. This goes a long way in reducing skin inflammation that may be caused by long exposure to the sun. Eating dark chocolate also helps to increase circulation and the skin is able to retain moisture. Moisture makes the skin to appear youthful and reduces formation of wrinkles. However, it should be noted that it is only dark chocolate that has the anti-ageing capability. The refining process of other types of chocolates strips off anti-oxidants such as flavanols. Watermelon Watermelon is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to keep the skin moist and firm. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant than can reverse the harsh effects of UV damage on the skin. Over time, you will notice a glow and youthful appearance after you incorporate these foods into your regular diet. For more help, consider getting anti-ageing injections as well through a specialist like Age Reduxion...

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Top Three Flowers For Your Chinese Or Chinese-Inspired Wedding

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If you’re of Chinese descent, or you love Chinese culture, and want a wedding that reflects that, you should plan your flower arrangements accordingly. Flowers are a recurring theme in Chinese art and literature, often used with hidden meanings that revealed messages only to those who knew how to interpret them. Here is some information on some Chinese flowers.  The Lotus is one of the most important flowers in Chinese culture, being one of the eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune and signifying the holy seat of the Buddha. Just like the Lotus flower rising from the mud into pure air, so can the human spirit, too, rise. It symbolises purity of the heart, mind and body as well as enlightenment. The Lotus is also a symbol for beauty and enduring love. It’s also represents harmony, because in Chinese, the word for “Lotus” and “harmony” is similar. You can use the Lotus flower in your bouquet to signify the purity of your love and feelings and cast good auspices on your marriage to wish yourselves prosperity and good fortune. The Lotus is an exotic flower and should be used as a centre piece in the bouquet, never as an add-in, as it may overpower the other flowers. The Plum Blossom is, according to Chinese culture, the best flower for those who have endured hardship and thrived despite it. This flower symbolises the power of endurance, and one noted Confucian scholar gave it four virtues: potential in the bud, prosperity in the flower, harmony in the resulting fruit and rightness in its maturity – thus making the plum blossom the archetype of heaven. The Chinese also see its five petals as five blessings: longevity, prosperity, health, virtue and good living. You can add plum blossoms in your bouquet or centre pieces to show that your union thrived despite opposition or to show the world that you are a match made in heaven. Plum blossoms can be a main item in your bouquet or just be used as decoration, as they are quite versatile. The Peony, dubbed as the “King” of flowers, is the unofficial Chinese national flower. Peonies symbolise riches, prosperity and honour. Peonies also embody romance and love, being regarded as an omen of good fortune and happy marriage. Peonies can be used as bouquet centre pieces due to their lush appearance. Combine them with more delicate flowers, like Baby’s Breath, to offset their size and emphasise their grace. A Peony bouquet tells the visitors that you’re very much in love, and it casts fortune and prosperity on your marriage. Some other beautiful flowers rich in symbolism you can use are Chrysanthemums, Orchids, China Roses, Camellias, Azaleas, Osmanthus, Peach blossoms, Cherry blossoms, Magnolias and Narcissus.  For more information, contact a business such as Business With...

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Using A Home Dry Cleaning Kit

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Many people have clothes that should only be dry cleaned. These clothes are made of a delicate type of fabric, and are often quite expensive pieces. Putting them through a regular wash, during which the clothes get saturated in the washing machine, may damage them beyond repair. Taking clothes on a regular basis to a dry cleaning company can be expensive though. However, it is possible to purchase a kit that dry cleans your delicate clothes at home. This article looks at what clothes you can dry clean at home, how to use a home dry cleaning kit and how dry cleaning actually works. The Clothes Clothes which require dry cleaning will always have this printed on the label. If the piece of clothing is excessively soiled, it is recommended that you take the garment to a dry cleaning company for a professional service. Most home dry cleaning kits provide space for around four or five items; if you have more items, you will need to purchase more than one kit. Using The Kit Home dry cleaning kits come with a stain remover which you apply to the clothing before cleaning it. The stain removers are usually a type of pen shaped implement, although sometimes a spray bottle is provided. Apply this stain remover to all pieces of clothing to be dry cleaned. With the kit, a bag is provided – not dissimilar to the ones used by the professional companies – into which you place the clothes. Close the bag off, and place in the tumble dryer; check the instructions to see how long the cleaning should last. In many cases, it is around half an hour. Once the time is up, remove the bag and clothes. How It Cleans As soon as the stain remover is applied to the stain, it begins to loosen the bond between the stain and the fabric. The garments are then washed with solvents and cleaning agents, which are already placed inside the clothes bag that you place into the dryer. The reason that it is called dry cleaning is because no water is used. The home kits can do an excellent cleaning job on garments, but for special items, it is a good idea to take them to a professional dry cleaner every so often, to make sure they get a deep clean. After you use the home dry cleaning kit, you can use clothing steamers to give a great professional looking finish to the garment. Clothing steamers use hot steam instead of direct heat (such as that from an iron) to remove any difficult or stubborn...

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Make Your Makeup Stay on Longer: 3 Ways to Prep Your Face Prior to Applying Makeup

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One of the main obstacles of applying makeup is longevity. To ensure that your makeup lasts for the whole day, you want to make sure that your skin is in the best condition possible. Here are 3 important steps that you should not forget to do prior to applying makeup, and are 3 of the most important basics taught in all makeup courses.  Exfoliate Your Face Dead skin accumulates on your face on a daily basis. In fact, the average adult will shed 50,000 dead skin cells every minute. If you do not remove the dead skin, it will make your makeup flake throughout the day, and the overall results do not look as appealing. By exfoliating your skin properly, you are essentially creating a smooth slate for the makeup to adhere to. Naturally, the artwork on a smooth surface will look more natural and flawless. Most experts recommend exfoliating your face at least twice a week. Apply a Moisturizer To make sure that the makeup will be fully absorbed by your skin, apply moisturizer and let it set. When choosing a moisturizer, find something that suits your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you should consider purchasing lotions instead of creams. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, creams will be a more suitable option for you. Also, look for moisturizers that contain essential vitamins and minerals, as these ingredients will help maintain the health and appearance of your skin, so that you look younger for a longer period of time. Some consumers also prefer looking for moisturizer with SPF in it, so that they are protected from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.  Use Primers Primers are able to reduce the size of pores, smoothen the skin and also hold everything together in place. In short, it will make sure that your makeup lasts longer throughout the day. A lot of primers contain antioxidants and essential vitamins in order to help replenish and rejuvenate skin cells, so that you also look younger. Primers set the canvas for makeup coverage, and should be applied to the cheeks, eyes and lips. Before even consider applying makeup to your skin, you want to make sure that you have the perfect canvas; otherwise, it does not matter how well you can apply makeup or how high in quality the makeup is. To learn more about how to better apply makeup on yourself or others, take local make up courses to boost your...

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Why the finding the right hair extension salon makes a difference

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By now most people realise that the super shiny, swinging long hair they see on celebrities comes not only from intensive care and styling but also judicious application of hair extensions. Whilst quality extensions have a high upfront price, many women find the confidence they get from a full head of thick hair priceless. Finding the right salon ensures a lasting set of extensions that keep your existing hair as healthy as possible. Choosing the right style of hair extensions Extensions come in several styles includes a weaved in cap (also called a “weave”), taped or clipped extensions and bonded extensions. The prices range with a weave usually as the cheapest option, tapes and clips in the middle and bonded extensions as the highest cost. Unfortunately not all hair can withstand all styles of extension. Finer hair generally needs to be bonded, medium weight hair can be taped, clipped or bonded and thicker hair with texture can incorporate a weave. When you ask friends or family (or check online reviews), make sure that you are looking at customers with a similar hair type as you, as the best salon in town for hair extension on fine straight hair will not necessarily be the best hair extension salon for curlier, thick hair. If your salon does offer a range of services to different patrons, ask for a stylist who is experienced in placing hair extensions in hair of your texture. Choosing the right hair for your extensions The right hair for your extensions is combination of matching colour, texture and material that is suitable for your lifestyle (including treatment and heat styling). Untreated human hair tends to be the priciest option, where synthetic hair is more affordable. Make sure the salon gives you full care instructions for your hair, including during styling and swimming, as well as any special products to use. Correctly tensioning the hair for your scalp Hair that is too loosely tensioned will fall out over time, leaving you with a patchy hairstyle. However, overly tightened hair extensions can also pull out natural hair, leading to bald spots. Highly tensioned hair can also lead to headaches, and in extreme cases has lead to bleeding and abscesses on the scalp. A trained and experienced hair extension technician will be able to avoid any of these issues by correctly tensioning the hair in the first place If you do experience issues, contact a salon like Afro Trends immediately as they will be able to adjust the extensions to a comfortable...

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